An inquiry into ongoing research in Europe investigating the relationship between architecture and ecological transition.
A glance at the contemporary scientific debate, to reflect and discuss its impact and the challenges for spatial design.


To establish a European debate and a network of young researchers who are studying these topics.


A Call + roundtable discussions + book of proceedings + lectures + networking events.
Participants will be split  into thematic sessions, moderated by researchers from PoliMi


PhD candidates enrolled in a European University + researcher who have defended their PhD dissertation within the last 5 years.

Architecture Unlocks Nature is an international conference that will take place on January  24, 25 and 26, 2024 at the Politecnico di Milano.
This conference aims to gather contributions from European researchers and Ph.D. candidates interested in exploring how different viewpoints in architecture address the ecological transition.

By exploring both theory and practice, the intent is to provide a European overview of the field of design and the various standpoints in academic research today.

What are the roles of Design and Nature today?
How do they engage with one another?
How does ecological transition become a spatial matter?
How are architecture, landscape and urban design contributing to, and being influenced by, this change?

Which projects, conceptual frameworks, cultural implications and critical positions are important in the current design panorama?
Which new possibilities open up an experimental field in research and practice?
How is academic research addressing the necessary ecological transition, and how are young European researchers addressing it?

01 | CALL 

Further info on the call to partecipate in the initiative:
the call text, requirements and submission instruction

02 | EVENT

Two days event at Politecnico of Milan
24, 25 and 26 January 2024

Roundtables discussion, presentations, lectures, networking events


Lectures by international scholars linked to the conference topics


The outcome of the conference will be the creation of an Online repository and of a Book of Proceeding with ISBN


Conference financed by the Architectural Urban Interior Design (AUID) PhD program, DAStU Department, Politecnico di Milano



Patronage of the European Association for Architectural Education