The conference is organized by Silvia Mundula, Kevin Santus, and Sara Sapone, Ph.D. Candidates in Architectural  Urban Interior Design (AUID) , Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) at the Politecnico di Milano
Silvia Mundula
Kevin Santus
Sara Anna Sapone


The curatorial team will be aided for the conference operations by a team of Ph.D. Candidates in Architectural  Urban Interior Design (AUID) , early-stage researchers working on related topics.
Thomas Cabai
Andrea Foppiani
Davide Montanari 
Michele Porcelluzzi


The scientific commitee is composed by:
Sara Marini, Full Professor at IUAV
Annalisa Metta, Full Professor at Roma Tre
Sara Protasoni, Full Professor at PoliMi, Master track Coordinator
Alessandro Rocca, Full Professor at PoliMi, Head of AUID Ph.D.
Ilaria Valente, Full Professor at PoliMi, Vice Rector for International Affairs
Tadeja Zupančič, Full Prof. Dr. at University of Ljubljana, Vice-Dean for Research
Sara Marini
Annalisa Metta
Sara Protasoni
Alessandro Rocca
Ilaria Valente
Tadeja Zupančič